Launching event on the Community of Practice (CoP)

16 March 2023, 11:00 hrs CET, Zoom

In December 2022, the EU TACSO 3 project organised a regional FSTP workshop that gathered 50 FSTP actors from the WBT region, mainly representatives of CSOs and CSO networks from the WBT region. At the event, they shared their FSTP practices and discussed experiences, including planning and implementation of the projects, development of technical and managerial capacities, design of the capacity building support, and establishing of selection, monitoring, and reporting procedures.

At the moment, the FSTP is an increasingly used tool throughout the Western Balkans and Turkey region to enhance outreach to a wider range of local beneficiaries, notably in the areas of good governance, gender equality, human rights, and civil society support. However, while FSTP has contributed to developing capacities for FSTP beneficiaries, there are more and more FSTP implementors reporting challenges facing the administration of FSTP requirements and management of the FSTP components of the projects.

Further work on strengthening the capacities of CSOs to manage FSTP-related projects but also to foster communication with the contracting authorities, professionals and other CSOs working in the field of FSTP support is among the main recommendations from the FSTP regional workshop held in December 2023.

The Community of Practice (CoP) approach is recommended to be established and facilitated by the EU TACSO 3 project as an online platform that will promote FSTP practices, share updates and information, allow communication among the community members, and organise online and live events like meetings, capacity-building events, and forums etc.

Thus, the EU TACSO 3 has established a LinkedIn FSTP Community of Practice group that will gather interested professionals and organisations to exchange and share information and knowledge and foster communication and networking in this capacity-building initiative.

If you are interested in joining the group, please visit the following link.

Furthermore, we are pleased to invite you to the online launching event, where our team members will present the CoP concept and how it will operate.

The event will be organised at Zoom on Thursday, 16 March, at 11:00hrs. The duration of the event is for 1 hour, including a short presentation and group discussion.

If you are interested in participating in the event, please register hereThe relevant Zoom link will be sent to you additionally.

For more information, please contact Ms Andreja Tonč, TACSO Capacity Building Expert, at

Looking forward to meeting you again!

Your TACSO team