The aim of the report is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the civil society in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the environment that the civil society works in, including its strengths and weaknesses, and challenges it faces in its further development.

The report is based upon a combination of desk research embracing all relevant documentation, including legal and financial legislation applicable to civil society, situation analyses, policy documents and Monitoring Matrix Report for Civil Society Development 2015 for Macedonia.

Additionally, the report uses also the primary research conducted by IPSOS. The results from the two IPSOS surveys that were conducted, one with the general public, and the second survey with civil society organizations (CSOs) were used, as well as the data from the in-depth interviews with CSOs, government actors, donor organisations and other institutional players.

The report provides the premise for the majority of project activities by serving as the basis of the development of regional as well as national work plans to be implemented during the project’s duration.