On 9 November 2021, EU TACSO 3 organized an online national P2P event on “The role of Civil Society Organisations in Corporate Social Responsibility”, hosting eminent speakers and experts who shared their experience on CSR and explored linkages between the CSOs and the private sector/business community in Kosovo, as well assharing of opinions and practices related to CSR in Kosovo and the region.

The panel discussion concentrated on the EU Priorities and spectrum of areas for cooperation between CSOs and businesses focused on the main differences that are present between these two sectors. The event covered a topic that is not frequently addressed as there are many differences between the two sectors. CSOs can effectively cooperate with both models that can create sustainability for CSOs but also can act as standard setters for the businesses, such as the field of ethics for businesses, social rights etc. In the session, a general overview of the CSR in Kosovo was provided, whereby a detailed activity description was provided for the CSR Kosovo network. The strategy 2021-2025 from the CSR Kosovo identified all main areas that are of impact and where the corporations can have an impact. The presentation triggered a lot of interest from the audience.

During the second panel on whether the partnerships between CSOs and the private sector in Kosovo are feasible, the representatives of financial institutions in Kosovo that exercise CSR in Kosovo explained the origins of the initiative. The activities have evolved from a philanthropic activity to a more strategic CSR therefore dialogue and impact was at the heart of the undertaken initiatives by CSOs. The CSOs that implement CSR in Kosovo explained the best ways and practices on how to implement such specific projects which participants found useful.

The event also had a special session on best regional practices and some global examples which were provided by organisations that operate outside of Kosovo. A full set of activities and methods on how to engage the CSOs and the citizens was provided by Konekt from North Macedonia. Several examples of good cooperation were provided to give ideas to local CSOs on potential future cooperation.

Additionally, YMCA the oldest youth organisation in the world that also operates in Kosovo presented various examples but also, opened topics of discussion over the challenges of the CSOs.

Participants were interested in the topic and discussed it in detail with the panellists and the event was identified as an interesting topic for future expansion.

The event is a part of larger efforts of EU TACSO 3 of People to People (P2P) Programme – that, through various organized events, offers the opportunity for CSOs to expand their knowledge about the EU and the accession process, as well as the opportunity to network internationally and regionally.